Life is a series of moments that come together to create experiences that ultimately shape up what we call so simply call “life”. These moments are sometimes unrecognizable and happening without us even being aware. The most beautiful examples of experiences being created before our eyes happen when the universe blesses us with an unexpected connection that changes the course of our life in ways we could never have guessed!

A Bubbly Beginning

Michaela and Alexandra came together over a common passion found in helping underprivileged kids through an Arizona nonprofit, called Opportunity4Kids. The girls began working closely on fundraising events with the organization and quickly recognized a shared work ethic, positive mindset and focus on creating fabulous lives. Soon after, Michaela and Alexandra realized with the mobility afforded by both of their lines of work, brainstorming, computer work and planning could be done on the go- especially over a delicious happy hour and glass of bubbly!

Thus productive outings to posh eateries, selected based off champagne and snack selection of course, began to happen. With laptops and notepads tucked into coordinated Kate Spade purses, Michaela and Alexandra found some of their most inspirational work sessions happened together- with the positive support and encouragement of one another. The ladies highlighted each other’s strengths while finding resources to supplement weaknesses.

Bubbles and Brains: Birthed in a Cab!

One day, in an Uber (because of course, the ladies are always responsible with alcohol consumption and never drink and drive), an epiphany came. The encouragement Michaela and Alexandra gave each other is the essential component in success. Being a strong entrepreneur may require a lot of self-motivated tasks, but ultimately cannot be done alone; life is about community. Thus, Bubbles and Brains- a place of positive support, love and guidance for women was born.

Enjoy the Journey

Circling back to ‘one step at a time’, neither Michaela or Alexandra pictured themselves in this place in life. Rather trusting the unfolding of their life’s journey guided them here. Both ladies have been through quite the life experiences that shaped them into strong, independent women who complete themselves. (I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!) Yet, when they walked into each other’s lives a warm, compassionate lightbulb went off- “I don’t have to do this alone”.

And you don’t have to either. The beauty in Bubbles and Brains is that yes, you are a fierce woman who has done the work to love and cherish herself, but isn’t life meant to live and love with others?! Let’s do this together! Join us in creating a community of fabulously beautiful women who create and enjoy the world as they want to live it!

Drink amazing bubbly. Visit beautiful destinations. Eat the extra piece of cake. And find your expression of physical activity to keep life moving. Welcome to the bubbly life Gorgeous!


Michaela & Alexandra